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More Questions and Answers

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Question 1720: If you were comfortably rich, would you work hard for more, or rest on your laurels?

Answer: Definitely work! But not necessarily for more, in that I would want a bigger house, a garage filled with automobiles, and a closet filled with fine clothes and so forth. Having money and the things that come with money is not success to me. In the end, our last suit of clothes doesn't need pockets, so all the trappings of wealth become just that- a trap. What I would prefer to do with the means granted me, is build something of lasting value for others, be it a business that employs people, or to create something using the beautiful resources surrounding us that brings others relief and pleasure. I have this blessing and curse- I see things that could be in their completed form and use. It's an amazing gift and one that gives me much pleasure. But it's also something of a curse when I lack the means to accomplish the things I see. There's no greater frustration for me than wanting to create something I see in my imagination but lack the means to actually do it!

Question 1703: Do you like Saturday Night Live and if so, who would you love to see as a new host?

Answer: Loved the first couple of seasons with the original cast- what talent, what imagination, what energy! The show has no draw for me now and frankly, when I've caught a skit or two done recently, they seem dull and insulting, not funny at all. Who cares who the host is, if the material their working with is really bad. Even a great host can't overcome bad material.

Question 1564: Would you travel to space if possible?

Answer: Yes! I grew up during the days of the Saturn V missions to the moon. I've visited Cape Canaveral (Kennedy) and have seen a Saturn V rocket in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building). I've seen and touched a Space Shuttle. I think space would be an amazing adventure and open my eyes to great wonders. Space travel is a modern miracle and one we do not consider well these days. I think the new private space companies are daring and bold- exactly what NASA was at one time and should be again! I would go in a heartbeat!

Question 1385: Describe your mood right now using one word.

Answer: Solemn but also hopeful (I guess that two words!) It's Saturday morning, I'm alone in this beautiful place, I'm caught up on work with not much to do before me. I'm thinking about my sister struggling with cancer, my mom recovering from her own illness, my children far away from me, my Pam- home alone, my future and all the things I want to do but physically cannot, my dad, other brothers and sisters, my distant relatives, some of whom are really struggling, and the work before me this coming week. When we think about all the individual role, we each have and what each requires, it can seem daunting- what we carry on our hearts all the time! Looking out my window as I write this, the beautiful Cayman sunshine and blue skies beckon. I think I'll go for a long walk on the beach!

Question 1128: If a waiter spilled a drink on you but it was an accident, would you still tip?

Answer: Yes! Been a waiter, and a cook. I know the job can be difficult and rushed. Mistakes happen. Once I put a whole Teriyaki chicken and rice dish on a lady's lap- I'm sure it stained and ruined her outfit. I don't recall if I got a tip from that table or not, but generally, I always did very well! Ah, if I could only have a portion of the tip money I spent on beer after my late-night shifts- but that's another story for another time. We tip as a way of saying "thank you" and everyone deserves a "thank you", even if they're not on their game on a given night. It has to be really bad service for me to not be generous- I always tip, some a lot more than others.

Question 617: What do you feel connected to?

Answer: Music! I've tried to learn to play an instrument, but with little success. But I love music and I love to sing when working on projects around the house or when driving. Can't exactly explain it, but there's something in music that sends my soul soaring, gives me much peace, confidence and removes all the cares from around me. It doesn't matter what it is- classical to some pretty heavy rock & roll and everything in between. Music has always been a friend and a needed companion.

Question 192: What is the perfect pairing for coffee?

Answer: Bailey's Irish Cream! I know this from a past life. I don't drink coffee or Bailey's anymore, but somethings you just don't forget. I always thought a dark chocolate, Bailey's coffee flavored candy would cure the world of all its ills!

Question 384: If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up?

Answer: Very difficult to say but I think it would be sight. I've heard when a person loses their sight, all the remaining senses become amplified. If so, I think I could live without my sight so long as I could still feel, taste, smell and hear the world around me.

Question 399: What do you want written on your tombstone?

Answer: Here lies a decent lad, did his best with what he had!

Question 878: What is one thing you won't admit to yourself?

Answer: That I'm 62 years old. I feel, for the most part, like I'm 35, have the imagination of an 18-year-old, the questioning or a 5-year-old, and the need for adventure like a 25-year-old. Most days I look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back- it's not the same person I feel myself to be on the inside. With the exception of some lower back issues, I have no trouble keeping up with the young guys whose work I'm directing. If fact, I was recently asked my age and when I said 62, I was told I work more like a 40-year-old. That made me feel good, but I wish they had said 30-year-old. I don't age in my mind or my heart so it's hard to say that I'm getting older. Plus, I still have really beautiful feet- seriously, I have the feet of a young man and could be a foot model. When I'm horizontal in my coffin, it would be the best part to show if there's a viewing. I can see it now, folks passing by and saying, "They really are very nice feet. What a shame he's gone!"


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