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Killing Time

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

It's Tuesday at 2 PM. I have approximately an hour before I have to be back on the job site. It's a beautiful sunny day here on Grand Cayman Island- mid-80's, light breeze off the ocean, white mashed potatoes like clouds softly drifting by. This is one of those "not a care in the world" kind of days. My project is moving along very nicely, given the conditions we have to work under- everyone doing what they're supposed to, measurable progress over reasonable time. No challenges, disagreements, and few frustrations! It's almost a little too perfect but we take blessings when they come. Life here is, in a word, respectful. Even the small children seem to be all about order, extremely polite, and contemplative. You don't hear swearing here- at least I don't, and you do hear a lot of "please" and "thank you." Everyone greets each other, and is, for the most part, smiling. Work life here is a delight, notwithstanding the long hours after work when I'm alone.

To my children- a few more questions answered for you. I'm wondering if, as you read this, you're learning anything new or different about your father, or perhaps forming a different opinion of me than you may have previously had. I know I haven't answered many questions, maybe not enough to make a difference to you- yet. Still, I'm interested to know! I'm also interested to know how you might answer some of these questions!

Question 8: What do you most dislike about your appearance:

Answer: My hair. There's not enough, its thinning, and I get these odd curls and wings just over my ears. If I were brave, I'd cut it all off. I'm not brave!

Question 38: Are you an organ donor, if so why/ why not?

Answer: Yes. Whatever it is, eyes, liver, kidney, heart- if I'm not needing them and they can help someone else who does need them, why not? It's a charitable thing to do. I just hope that I've taken good enough care of what I have that it really is useful for someone else.

Question 71: Do you like the person you're becoming?

Answer: Yes! I know I'm not the same person I was when I was 20, 30 or even 40. I believe I'm better than that person, and in many respects, much better. So yes, I like who I'm becoming, but I also know I have a lot of work left to do before I become who I want to be!

Question 97: Who was the very first friend you ever remember making and how old were you?

Answer: Richard Campbell, and I think I was 7 or 8. He lived in our neighborhood and was/is a very proper Brit, accent and all. His family moved the year I started Junior High and we never saw each other after. I have no idea where he is, but he was a good friend for several years and his "mum" made break "biscuits!" I've tried looking him up, but there's too many Richard Campbells in the world and that was a very long time ago!

Question 158: Have you ever been whistled at in public?

Answer: Ah, NO!

Question 215: Do you think making driverless cars is a smart invention?

Answer: No, but not because the technology couldn't be useful in certain circumstances. I've always considered driving a pleasure and an act of freedom. Ultimately, the one thing that inspires independence more than anything else, is having your own transportation, be it mule, horse or Mustang! What would I do while the car is driving itself? Take a nap- I think not. Talk on the phone? I can do that while driving. Work on my laptop? I already spend too much time on that bloody device as it is. If I'm stuck in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, maybe the technology makes sense- I'm there, but I don't have to keep hitting the brake pedal, so I can tune out for a few minutes. Otherwise, I like to drive, its fun, so why would I not?

Question 254: What celebrity designer would you want to redo your home?

Answer: None. I can do a better job than any of them hands down, and probably for less money/ cost. And why do all of them seem to be so engrossed with Mid-century Modern? I lived in the 60's and 70's- been there, done that. It wasn't all that great then either. It's not worth re-living!

Question 374: If you were an attorney is there any type of criminal case you wouldn't defend?

Answer: No. Justice demands a prosecution and a defense, or its not justice. Those charged with a crime are not guilty until its proven, so a defense is absolutely necessary, even for the most depraved, violent and terrible offenses. If a defense attorney can pick and choose or decide which cases are worthy of a defense, or not, our whole system of justice fails! Everyone deserves a defense!

Question 612: What is your biggest debt right now?

Answer: My home, but thankfully I own a great deal more of it than does the bank!

Question 788: How do feel about redheads?

Answer: Passionately! I married one!


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